Court practice

Representation of clients ' interests in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction on a wide range of cases, including disputes connected with execution of obligations, corporate disputes, administrative cases and cases related to insolvency (bankruptcy). Disputes relating to securities.

Initiation/coordination of proceedings abroad under foreign law, including the stage of execution of decisions (with the involvement of foreign providers).

Corporate relations

Advices for management in commercial/non commercial societies, organization of meetings of shareholders and meetings of the board of directors. Organization of a system of corporate governance of holding structures, development of internal documents regulating activities of management bodies.

Development and implementation of shareholders agreements.

Reorganizations. M&A and division of business.

Structuring and support of projects in the fields of public-private partnerships (all procedures according to the law on concession agreements and the law on principles of state-private partnership in the interests of the public or private side)

Due Diligence;

  • Structuring and support M&A projects, venture and others project financing including under foreign law.
  • Structuring of deals of any difficulty with foreign elements.


  • Registration of issues of securities.
  • Consultations on accounting of rights to securities. The registration of pledge of securities and repossession of securities.
  • Information disclosure on the securities market. Structuring transactions for acquisition/sale of securities.
  • Investigation of theft of securities.


Protection of the debtor/creditor in bankruptcy proceedings. Modeling and prediction of the outcome of the bankruptcy proceedings. Selection and organization of interaction with the liquidator. The meetings of creditors and meetings of creditors ' Committee, the organization bidding. The appeal of debtor’s transactions.