Our mission
Our mission
In chess as well as in life, in particular in conflicts, it is necessary to forestall and foresee what the opponent is thinking of, to understand what he wants and why he makes this or that move. The classic trick is to give up one or even more than one piece, and in return win the hand, giving checkmate.

A victory in the battle is not a victory in the war. We learned this very well for ages of legal practice. The way to solve the problem, which initially seems to be the most guaranteed, sometimes is just the same “dummy piece”.

That is why our mission is to allow for all possibilities for the best move and analyze legal "game" in each case, to lead the client to the final victory.

Like chess, our work enjoys silence and privacy. You can be sure of our discipline, we tell you little about others, and just as little will be said to others about you.

Our motto is "acta probant se ipsa", which means "actions speak louder than words".

We offer the best. Now your choice. Your move.

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