«Vash Hod» – is the team of high class professionals in law. We united our minds, forces, energy and knowledge.
Your move.
Our possibilities.
Your results.
Over years of legal practice, we have learned that the victory in a battle is not yet the victory in a war. As our greatest success we consider those solutions that allowed not to come to court.
We provide a wide range of services for government agencies, private businesses and non-profit organizations, and individuals in Russia and worldwide.
Disputes and court
Analyzing prospects, collecting evidence and representing interests in court
Corporate Law
M&A transactions and resolution of corporate conflicts
Support of any bankruptcy procedures, foreclosure of assets
Advice on accounting and circulation of securities, investigation of theft
All Services
Benefits of Working with Us
A team of like-minded people with common principles, views and goals, while equal partners that complement each other
Working as a Team
Strength, power, knowledge
Our professional mission is to win the legal "chess game" beyond the scope of tactical tasks
Confidence in the result
We guaranteed best solutions, proven by majority of complex challenges and time-tested decisions
Our Principles
We believe that privacy contributes to a more effective achievements
We do not disclose information on cases and give any comments only with the consent of the client
We do not create a name on the problems of the customers, which we are solving
The client's interests are always on top during the process of providing services and after the completion of cooperation
We honestly warn our clients about possibilities to achieve the goals and risks
We always tend to exceed customer's expectations
We recommend our best colleagues for the solutions in others spheres of their activity when necessary
We protect the client's interests and operate with maximum efficiency regardless of the level of financial compensation
We specialize in the areas of law, where we reached highest level
"Vash Hod" is a legal business team, united by common principles, views and goals. We are equal partners who complement each other. We have years of experience behind us, many complex tasks and solutions, tested by time. All this allows us to be self-confident.

The career track and experience of each of us are unique and it took a lot of hard work. But we did it to become top level professionals.
Team of Professionals
Our Team
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